But it is the funniest part of my job “” assured Scariolo

But it is the funniest part of my job “” assured Scariolo

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The Poles, including two Americans – the Polish national, A.J. Slaughter and the coach, Mike Taylor-, maintained the constant and combative game that has given them such a good result in the championship, for which they have not qualified for 52 years.

The United States started with something more correct than ideas against a Poland that did not allow itself to be intimidated by the stripes.

While the Americans subscribed to the triples (5/7) to add, Waczynski despaired with his pair in a pair of threats from three with subsequent penetration that won the ovation of the Chinese public, who cheered the US mostly.

At the end of the first quarter, however, the initial Polish resistance seemed beaten and Gregg Popovich’s were already doubling the Poles: 28-14.

In the second period, the Poles followed the American rhythm and the distance of 14 or 15 points for the Americans remained constant, despite the fact that the ball was reluctant to enter when the Europeans threw it.

This was not the case for the reigning champions, with 62% accuracy from beyond the 6.75 meter line (in the same statistic, Poland had 15%).

Just before the break, the gap opened to 17 points: 47-30, and everything seemed decided.

However, the Polish hit percentage from three improved as soon as the match resumed, with a shot from Slaughter. They were more focused on defense and Ponitka once again demonstrated their quality.

In the 23rd minute, the Polish guard (who would end the game with 18 points, 7 rebounds and 2 steals) intercepted a ball from the American attack, ran across the entire court and finished with a mate.

Ponitka’s enthusiasm pushed the Central European team, and a Waczynski triple put them within 12 points two minutes later.

A shot from Slaughter would subtract two from the difference (54-44, minute 26) and Popovich decided to stop the Polish streak with a time-out. To no avail, as Unicaja forward Waczynski scored again from three and placed his team to 7.

It wouldn’t be the only target from that distance for Waczynski, who had 17 points and 5 rebounds.

At the end of the third quarter, the email was 63-55 and the game was open.

This was certified by the last period, in which the Poles at no time let the match slip away, but in which they did not manage to cut differences either.

On the American side, the best was Donovan Mitchell, whose performance in attack (16 points, 10 assists) earned him the best player of the match award and pushed his team to the final 87-74.

Marc Gasol was the man in the second half in Spain’s victory against Australia (95-88) in the World Cup semi-final. The Spaniard has gone up to 33 points with several key baskets becoming the leader the team needed in these key games.


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The Gasol middleweight has shown "happy and satisfied with the great work and how the team has known how to suffer in difficult moments". Despite the fact that Australia dominated a large part of the game, Marc highlighted the group work, which continued to row until they achieved victory: "We have stayed united throughout the game, very focused on the back and doing things well".

One of the keys to the Spanish triumph has been defense. The pivot has highlighted it above all: "Defense is vital. When we defend with that intensity and sacrifice the five players on the court, things go well". In addition, he has attributed many of the attacking situations to the team’s defense: "When you rebound you can run and we can play a more dynamic attack. If you get out of the background the opponent is placed and you have to play in static". 

Marc has highlighted the competitiveness of the team throughout the game, which did not give up even when Australia caught differences on the scoreboard: "We didn’t get frustrated in the second half when things were going badly. Very happy for the reaction of the team that has not lost face". 

Marc Gasol’s year at a sports level can be historic. NBA champion with the Toronto Raptors and with the possibility of winning gold in the World Cup with the national team. But Marc prefers to wait: "I haven’t put it all in perspective yet. Now it’s time to rest, recover and prepare for Sunday’s game". Catalan, yes, is optimistic. "It can be a splendid occasion to achieve gold"he added. 

Spain points to the epic to get into the grand final … after two extra time!

Spain will play its second final in history in a World Cup

The current Raptors player closed the interview by sending a message of thanks to the fans for the support they are giving the team. 

Sergio Scariolo, Spanish basketball coach, stood out after the team’s classification for the China World Cup final that his players showed "tremendous character and competitiveness" that led them to victory against Australia after two overtimes (95-88).


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"Winning, and doing it like that, after playing against a super team that has competed for 50 minutes, makes you very happy. But once again, the sum of heart and brain that this team has had has been superior. We have known how to play difficult moments with patience, there have been and a lot, but we have shown tremendous character and competitiveness"said the Italian coach in the mixed zone of the Wukesong Sports Center in Beijing.

Players "they never threw in the towel" and they took "Good decisions" in the hot moments of the party.

Asked if he suffered more than necessary after having to dispute two extensions, he replied that it is his job and he cannot afford to have a bad time.

Sergio Scariolo, during the vibrant match against Australia | EFE

"What’s more, you have a good time. It is one decision making after another. It is the most fun, the most beautiful. This is when you have to challenge yourself to be cool and focused. Say things that must be reaffirmed, changed or sometimes shut up without having to add a voice when it is not necessary. But it’s the funnest part of my job" Scariolo assured.

He explained that there are players who know how to play this type of game. "and that emerge, because experience is a point, personality is a point and the ability to learn from failures is an important value".

"And then there will be players who will grow for what they are living this championship"he added.

In his opinion, the medal that will be hung on Sunday Spain is "maybe" the most unexpected. "But I repeat: only with heart you do not win. And they have put a lot, a lot of heart. But I already assumed that they were going to put a lot of heart. What you have to put there is the head. The last 16 or 17 minutes of the game there has been a lot of head", considered the selector.

He showed his confidence that the extra effort and the two extra time they had to play will not weigh in the final. "Hopefully not. That is why we need that players who have had fewer minutes today can be prepared to play a game with a lot of defensive concentration. That I can leave them in the field so that in the first part they give a little relief"Scariolo pointed out. 

The big day has arrived The Spanish team needs one last effort to achieve glory and be able to proclaim itself, thirteen years later, once again World Champion. The last obstacle this Sunday (2:00 p.m.) will be a fierce, supportive Argentina that also dreams of its second World Cup title, although the first is already a long way off since it came in the first edition of the World Cup held in 1950.

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Xavi Martínez Olivar @martinezolivar

Both are cited for the final pulse after having broken the favoritism that the United States and Serbia shared a month ago, the great candidates to fight for gold. Two squad that, at the moment of truth, have been far from the fight for the medals.

The red and the albiceleste will reissue, precisely, the duel of the 2006 World Cup, on that occasion in the semifinals, and that Spain – ultimately champion – would end up taking in extremis (75-74).

The profile of both combined ventures a racial pulse. This Spain, as has been the norm, has managed to grow throughout the tournament thanks to its faith, capacity for defensive sacrifice and conviction in the task of the team. And that has brought him here with the help of a Scariolo who gave a clinic in both quarters and semifinals in both halves of the track.

In this way, the national team has managed to overcome illustrious absences on its roster for the tournament. One more day, two players will focus their attention. Helmsman Ricky Rubio (15.9 points, 4.3 rebounds and 6.4 assists) who has taken a step forward in this World Cup and is overflowing with confidence.

And obviously the other name underlined in red is Marc Gasol. The middleweight of the saga comes from starring in a dream match against Australia (33 points) which was the confirmation that Marc has fully understood that he should be the beacon of this team (14.4 points, 5.3 rebounds and 3.7 assists endorse him). 

Next to him, some players have grown up who have known how to contribute their ixbet movies grain of sand, each one in their own facet. Like Llull, Ribas, Claver, Oriola, the Hernangómez brothers or a Rudy who is also giving clinics on how to defend. Despite the accumulated fatigue in a merciless tournament, the Scariolo players send a unanimous message. It is very good to have gotten this far (it will be the eleventh medal in an international tournament in the last thirteen years) but we want more. And that plus is gold.

Argentine passion

But to achieve this, that wall called Argentina will have to be demolished. The albiceleste has built a solid and supportive group that has been working for more than fifty days. They are no longer illustrious men of yesteryear but Sergio Hernández has brought together a leathery collective. Tough on defense, especially on the perimeter. There also lies a large part of his danger with two players who will be teammates this season at Madrid: Facundo Campazzo (13.6 points and 7.7 assists) and Nicolás Laprovittola (9 points and 4.1 assists).